A logo is an extension of who you’re or what your brand do. It should make sense of what a company wants its personality to be. Different industries Logos straddle the various styles. Like other things, Logos also have five main types, that are letter mark & initials, pictorial & icon, emblem & crest, wordmark & typography, abstract & combination, and calligraphy & handwritten. Learn about the Logo design types described below and select the one that best suits your brand.

Lettermark & Initials

This Logotype uses symbols for representing the brand with its initials or first letters. This Logotype is mostly used by companies when their business names are too long to write, or they are hard to get pronounced. This type helps in minimalizing the space in branding while depicting the right image of a brand.

Pictorial & Icon

A pictorial representation is what businesses always prefer to have. It’s worth a thousand words. This type of Logo uses the icons or symbols to represent the brand. This type is always handy when the business names are long and can’t fit in letter mark & initials logotype. However, pictorial & icon Logos are mostly used by high profile companies. Using this Logotype in small businesses or startups could be risky as your brand name will not display on it. So it would be difficult for people to know about your brand name.

Emblem & crest

Emblem & Crest Logos shows the company name inside the design. In this Logotype, the text is placed within the symbol in a way that both become practically inseparable. Most often these Logos resemble badges or stamps that make them the suitable choices for educational, communities, political and government organizations. But that doesn’t mean that these Logos can’t work in other industries. There are known brands of different industries that are using this Logotype.

Wordmark & typography

This logotype is the simplest visual. Wordmark & typography are the styled text Logos that are unique fonts spelling the brand name. According to the recent case studies, 37% of top brands Logos are the wordmark & Typography Logos. These Logos works best when the brands name is distinctive. This logotype is the excellent choice for startups or businesses that are in initial stages because displaying business name in Logo apparently will help people to remember and recall the brand and its name.

Abstract & combination

This type of Logo incorporates both the business name and symbol. These Logos matched in a way that both the elements could be used separately or together with flexibility. These Logos are popular, and 58% of top brands use this type of Logos in their branding. This Logotype is versatile and can fit in almost any industry. Abstract & combination Logos could be handy in legal perspective as registering the trademark is much easier with them. Logo Orbit highly recommend this type to startups who're looking to conquer the market in start with their branding.

Calligraphy & handwritten

This logotype refers to beautifully written pieces. Calligraphy in any logo can show you the real story than what actually it is. Calligraphy & handwritten logos are developing art form. Today, the modern style calligraphy and handwritten Logos are being used in wedding, fashion, events, arts & photography industries.